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This is the Wiki for The Blackwater Company, a guild found in World of Warcraft on the Moon Guard. This Wiki will encompasses all about the company and the fandom world that it entails. It is meant as a way to help provide a detailed and immersive experience to employees of the company, partners, contractors, and others just wishing to learn more. While we take in aspects of the lore within the Warcraft universe to keep it very realistic, there are fanon aspects as well. Please check out the rules of this wiki and Blackwater's Rules before preceding.

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Inv inscription tomeoftheclearmind.png  Blackwater Information

Browse the Company Information page index. These lists imporatant information about the company and guild for those interested.

Inv misc bone humanskull 02.png  Characters

Browse the character page index. These are all the characters within the guild and our campaign, both player and NPC.

Inv helm cloth b 01pirate brown.png  Pirate Crews

Browse the pirate crew page index. These are the different crews as part of our campaign, canon and fanon.

Achievement guildperk cashflow rank2.png  Black Markets

Browse the black market page index. These are the different black markets or criminal organizations as part of our campaign, canon and fanon.

Contract.png  Specialty Guilds

Browse the specialty guilds page index. These are the different specialty guilds or groups as part of our campaign, canon and fanon.

Hourglass.png  Events

Browse a listing of our past events, broken down by campaign and chapter.

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